About Neal Lawson

NL Photo 3Neal is 48 and goes shopping too often but tries not to. Like just about everyone else he is too reliant on what he buys to communicate to others who and what he is. He knows that the definition of an idiot is someone who does the same thing again and again and keeps expecting a different outcome. He thinks shopping will make him happy and it never really does. It does offer some compensation but this soon fades. Secretly he knows its not designed to make him happy -but permanently discontented so that he goes back to buy even more because that is all there is to do.

When he is not shopping he Chair's the pressure group Compass which campaigns for a more equal, democratic and sustainable world. He writes for the Guardian and the New Statesman and sometimes scares his family and friends by popping up on their TV or radio to talk about politics. He is a Trustee of UK Feminista and a Board member Yes to Fairer Votes.