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Ill post any articles I write here or any comments or reviews of the book – even the bad ones. Which might be all of them.

‘Neal Lawson wants to change the world and change our shopping habits’

Terry McGrenera, Tribune

"Lawson gives us a prescription for an alternative in which we recreate the public realm"
Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian

Carol Midgley, The Times

"Passionate and very moral"
Rafael Behr, The Observer

"Fluent and cogent"
Martin Hickman, The Independent

"He wants his book to start a movement, and intends it as a tool for activists to use against market fundamentalists. It's a worthy ambition"
Sophie Elmhirst, The New Statesman

Significantly, however, Lawson recognises that individual action alone will not be enough to achieve this.Making a refreshing case for active government, he reminds us" is still government who can act to legislate or not…it requires decision-makers to step in and take responsibility…Through campaigning pressure, Governments must be made to act.”
Caroline Lucas MEP, Leader, The Green Party

Guardian 13th June

The Dark side of shopping – an article by Neal Lawson and case studies by Julie Bindel

Sunday Herald 21st June 2009

We are more than what we buy

Guardian 26th June 2009

Hugh Muir Dairy

Guardian 29th June 2009

The book gets a kind editorial mention here.

Guardian 30th June 2009

In the response column Lesley Blankfiled a retail systems consultant argues that shoplifting isn’t a victimless crime as my article in the Saturday magazine had claimed. She says that the people who work in the shops suffer from grater pressure to stop losing stock and we all pay the price in increased costs.

The Independent 3rd July 2009

Review by Martin Hickman.

The New Statesman 9th July 2009

Review by Sophie Elmhirst

The Times 11th July 2009

Article by Carol Midgley Can Shopping make us happy? which reviews the book

The Observer 19th July 2009

Review by Rafael Behr

The book got mentioned in a Larry Elliot article in the Guardian on Monday 25th on well-being and the economy and in the Guardian again by Felicity Lawrence in an article on probiotics Saturday 25th July.

Ive had a few articles published recently which mention consumnerism and markets; here in the Guardian on market socialism and here in the Observer on electoral reform.

The Guardian 1st August 2009

Review by Felicity Lawrence

The Guardian 3rd August 2009

Article by Neal Lawson


Review by David Aaronovitch 13th August 2009